Radio Waves Never Die And Tech Never Sleeps.

MARCH 6, 2018. Absolutely everything changes and never stops. Both the equities market and our leading technologies turn themselves over almost daily. So what?
Radio waves never die. Nor does tech scramble. Do you know what’s next? Few do. Will your dead landline snake back to sparking life soon? AT&T isn’t sure, yet interested. Let’s look at EM.
During this prolonged market turn, dividends are a tough play. Many payers exist but none truly appear to be gimmies. That was before tax cuts. Got a dividend payer you can trust? Want one? We may have one.

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Here It Comes Again.

FEBRUARY 12, 2018. Europe’s great this morning. Both Shanghai indexes are up. These are always good signs for a U.S. open. But really, who knows which nervous system traders and investors will bring with them this morning? We’re calm. Why sweat? Markets are sort of like volcanoes. Clues exist, but don’t trust ’em too much.

Today STOCKjAW’s keeping our head. We’re checking fundamentals for TTWO and T. We’re also looking for sales.

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Investor Stress Test. Having Fun Yet?

FEBRUARY 10, 2018. Remember the side-lined money that finally came creeping back late last year? Trial by fire, flame-thrower really. New money floated in swarms to market homes, following endless empty years in the wilderness. Our market promptly exploded. One lever-jerk release of pent-up fury. All bore witness. Retail investors wanted some. What about now? Does “horror” capture the welcome received by returners? What now? Are you just in? Thinking about leaving?

This week ripped a gap in most portfolios. We sunk 6.4%. We trimmed , and cut, prior to the crash. We’ve only bought since then. What’d we sell in the run-up? What’s worth buying now? Making faces at the market.

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