WHO DOO. No Stopping This Train. The Fed.

DECEMBER 29, 2018. Jefferson was bright but Hamilton saw the writing in the sky. No nation building could occur without a broad banking system. Why? No one would lend to them.
Building anything requires money and they didn’t have any.
We get it. Everyday investors have less. J. Powell’s the head of a central banking system hatched over a weekend on a 7 mile island off the Georgia coast–and they were correct. Federal banking activities now extend far beyond the “dual mandate.” Good, we need that. But the free-fall death of equities is ridiculous. Sacrificing the profit potential of equity investing kills the funding stream of the very companies which constitute the economy. The supposedly data-driven fed can’t see the state of the economy from outer space.
When will this market stop going down? What will it take to stop this train? STOCKjAW stops and points. Continue reading WHO DOO. No Stopping This Train. The Fed.