Heat, Pressure, Men And The NFL.

FEBRUARY 8, 2019. Vegetables came before diamonds. Then came rot. After that came pressure and heat. Both came after and on top of the vegetative matter. All that got squashed, and no one paid any attention.
Next came TV and tons of people paid attention, and they paid a lot, so they could pay attention some more. Then some people became vegetables. They got some heat and pressure too. Egg heads call that irony. After that came St. Valentine. That last part was from Ireland, where there was far less television and supposedly much more saintliness. Probably not Then a bunch of them came over here.
After all that, and in quick succession came American football, and the NFL, and then Valentine’s Day. So, it seems we’ve got them to thank for that. Diamonds attached to shiny metal came next. They put that on TV too. Soon all that and much more came over TV, after the Superbowl, but before Valentines’ Day. And now we’re all Americans, or not, and that’s how we do it. You’ll see. The 14th’s just around the corner.

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