Felonious Numbers. Money Chops APB.

AUGUST 3, 2018. Retail investors are customers.
We are the business of retail brokers. What do you say upon learning that twin price-performance metrics are routinely displayed for the very same stock and period–on the same page? What do you do when the P/Es from the same system also don’t match? And if they’re off by a factor of 4?
Mismatching metrics can be your reality, and precisely why STOCKjAW created Money Chops. Money Chops shows you how to do the numbers yourself.
Doing your own numbers puts accuracy in your hands–at least as much as possible. Trusting and trading on dodgy data puts you in the hot seat. Trust is no substitute for knowing.
Tracking down precise company-issued EPS and calculating the P/E takes time and ranks as tedious. Same goes for price performance. Yet are you ready to move forward when the most important metrics investors rely on come up in mismatching pairs? You don’t have to. Here’s how. Continue reading Felonious Numbers. Money Chops APB.

MONEY CHOPS. Fun with Peg and P/E. “Who’s P/E Again?”

JUNE 5, 2018. Rarely are we given such easy and powerful help. Yet there they are, the sisters of crap cutting–the Price-to-earnings multiple and the Price-to-earnings growth ratio. It’s a two-fer of the highest investing order. Too basic for you? Fact. Every team in the NFL employs QB coaches. Guess what they try to perfect? Right. Fundamentals. Even top-flight pros require regular help. The unteachable do not remain in the league very long. Continue reading MONEY CHOPS. Fun with Peg and P/E. “Who’s P/E Again?”