A Time To Zag? BABA Bye-Bye?

JUNE 27, 2018. Is the US equity markets snuggling-in for a prolonged trade ruccus? Stones of tough trade talk are tossed into the stock pond daily. Welcome to the new–never mind. No one really knows what’s next. It will no doubt come from above. Get a helment. Or better yet, adjust where you’re standing.
The impact area of this trade exchange includes many stocks, and Alibaba too. How can that be good? How can that even be O.K.?
Alibaba is the king hell juggernaut of the east. BABA proves that the runway for Amazon is much much, much, longer.
Nice. But BABA’s in the blast zone. Are you going to stay? Continue reading A Time To Zag? BABA Bye-Bye?