America The Targeted.

JANUARY 1, 2019. American innovation did not fall complete from heaven in a Ziploc. It’s American ingenuity and ingenuity isn’t free. So called “forced technology transfer” is neither free or trade. It’s Fa King theft. No level playing field exists internationally, nor will any soon–if ever. Some say that “no one wins in a trade war.” Really? Such nonsense can only come from the uninvolved. The real question is how much brute and outright theft does it take before the U.S. acts? Don’t look to the WTO or the EU for any help.
China has no intention of engaging in fair trade. Really? It’s no surprise to anyone who reads us, that we harbor zero respect for The Economist’s bent globalist agenda. They don’t hide that. They call it “advocacy journalism.” Thus, no confusion remains when even The Economist admits the Chinese are cheats, liars, and thieves.
We can hear it now. “Chauvinism.” A Google search defines chauvinism as “exaggerated or aggressive patriotism.” Such terms are largely subjective. What we do know is that years ago Google told the Chinese apparatus to go screw itself and promptly vacated the country. That was over censorship. How can America ever trust a system that’s systemically dishonest with it’s own people? Continue reading America The Targeted.

A Time To Zag? BABA Bye-Bye?

JUNE 27, 2018. Is the US equity markets snuggling-in for a prolonged trade ruccus? Stones of tough trade talk are tossed into the stock pond daily. Welcome to the new–never mind. No one really knows what’s next. It will no doubt come from above. Get a helment. Or better yet, adjust where you’re standing.
The impact area of this trade exchange includes many stocks, and Alibaba too. How can that be good? How can that even be O.K.?
Alibaba is the king hell juggernaut of the east. BABA proves that the runway for Amazon is much much, much, longer.
Nice. But BABA’s in the blast zone. Are you going to stay? Continue reading A Time To Zag? BABA Bye-Bye?

Reduce Your Risk Now. 5 Box List.

APRIL 24, 2018. On May 1st U.S. tariffs against China ramp. That’s a week away. Does anyone think our markets will be perfectly fine? Not. Time remains to reposition portfolios for tariffs, or more.
In an environment of rising rates and shadows of inflation, investors face a global atmosphere of nuclear tension, unclear alliances, and an odd mix of political and legal discord and confusion in Washington. With the next Tweet may very well come another tussle, fight, or who knows?
Standing pat seems, questionable. Being gaffed seems, possible. Investors are pressed, insistent issues piling up. Time to reevaluate holdings and overall market exposure. Yet few places remain to hide from a potential equity price collapse and pain. What are investors to do? We’re sticking with our established themes, and checking position size. Is less more now? Continue reading Reduce Your Risk Now. 5 Box List.