Our Portfolio. Really.

JUNE 16, 2020 Our recovery from the COVID drop has been spectacular, quick, complex, and shifting. The market’s broadening, now, including the financials, and cyclicals. And what’s that about? Speculation, not economic expansion.
But it’s also reflects investors repositioning at smart prices for more recovery.
Opportunity knocks daily now. It’s a mix of the too expensive and the about to be repeatedly beaten.
Think the air and cruise lines. The easy money’s already been made. It’s all battle field roulette for them going forward. Look for the massive cracks and gaping holes in those businesses.
Trading is new to us and \we traded furiously for three weeks. Then we put our hands in our pockets and simply hawked over the action for the past two. Below is what’s left. We made money and mistakes. We lost no money. Why? In part because we didn’t sell what sunk below the waves. Credibility flows from clarity. See that now in “Our Portfolio. Really.”

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Here It Comes Again.

FEBRUARY 12, 2018. Europe’s great this morning. Both Shanghai indexes are up. These are always good signs for a U.S. open. But really, who knows which nervous system traders and investors will bring with them this morning? We’re calm. Why sweat? Markets are sort of like volcanoes. Clues exist, but don’t trust ’em too much.

Today STOCKjAW’s keeping our head. We’re checking fundamentals for TTWO and T. We’re also looking for sales.

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