The Machine’s Fine. Then Why Do We Keep Getting Images Of Warren Buffet And Jeff Bezos? Because You Have It Set On TAROT, Not X-RAY. You’re Looking at Your Future. Come on Doc. Is That Alcohol I Smell?

FEBRUARY 1, 2018. It doesn’t have a “Tarot” setting. The next one will. Warping reality takes power. Successful medicine creates a new reality. Now perhaps it’s healthcare itself that’s about to receive a new reality called non-profit.

Healthcare’s savage and relentless cost climb can be broken–so it seems. Why else would two of the planet’s three richest people state so? And that’s exactly what Buffet, Bezos, and Dimon, have said. Dazzling.

Steering Off-road, the Lions of Winter are going non-profit, and digital. Chops proved. What do you think is going on in the high offices of high healthcare profit today? Like Ian Fleming called it. It’s a lot of tension and “Sour Stress Sweat.” Wait, is that BCBS crying for mommy? Enjoy. We are.

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