Reduce Your Risk Now. 5 Box List.

APRIL 24, 2018. On May 1st U.S. tariffs against China ramp. That’s a week away. Does anyone think our markets will be perfectly fine? Not. Time remains to reposition portfolios for tariffs, or more.
In an environment of rising rates and shadows of inflation, investors face a global atmosphere of nuclear tension, unclear alliances, and an odd mix of political and legal discord and confusion in Washington. With the next Tweet may very well come another tussle, fight, or who knows?
Standing pat seems, questionable. Being gaffed seems, possible. Investors are pressed, insistent issues piling up. Time to reevaluate holdings and overall market exposure. Yet few places remain to hide from a potential equity price collapse and pain. What are investors to do? We’re sticking with our established themes, and checking position size. Is less more now?

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