Master-Blaster Powell’s Spam Hole Apocalypse. Our Fix.

NOVEMBER 5, 2018. Who knew? Well, most people. A single word or phrase from the federal reserve can move markets. Jerome Powell’s “over-shoot” comment threw markets backward. Throw in the escalating fear of a very real trade war and markets dive.
“Not to worry–it’s a common correction. It’s healthy.” We heard that. Does a 20% decline in portfolio worth sound healthy?
We know what you’re thinking. “It’s too late to reposition.” It’s only too late to adjust you positions if you want traditional defensive stocks–consumer packaged goods or utilities. Better plays exist. Besides, like us, you may want to look at your research habits as well. We did. Glimpse our four fix points for a far less “accommodating” environment.

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Toe warts to ptomaine. It’s The Economist Bub.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2018. The Economist covers the entire world, in a week, every week. But what does it tell us? In August the paper told us “The way forward on immigration.” It’s good to know someone has all the answers. But can we sleep safe? Not if you believe in democracy, or national self-determination. This paper beats only a globalist drum. And it does it on every topic, with answers for everyone from Botswana to Boston. And that means you bub. Enjoy. We did, after we calmed down.

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Ring Time Ranks As Risk

SEPTEMBER 3, 2018. Market risk rolls on, every second you’re invested. All the fancy dancing in the world will not protect you from crushing losses. Think ’08. Diversification helps. But just like boxing, you’re either in the ring, or not. If you’re in win, don’t dance.
Owning five hundred stocks is hardly winning. Nor is it effective risk management. It’s hedging. It’s playing not to lose, while facing most of the same risk. You can’t dance and win at the same time. Again, you’re either in or not. So punch to win. Why not? Your ass is on the line either way. Do you truly want to brawl for a bag of quarters?

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Victims Of Every Sector Storm. Feeling Clever Costs.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2018. Markets change and so do portfolios. Half of that gyrating is needless, and expensive. “Somebody’s got to pay the bills.” Right. But don’t let it be you.
Markets are like clock hands. They move. But they always arrive right back where they began. Few really need to take that predictably painful journey. Understanding the game and thus skipping the trip isn’t hard. Even when the market becomes dry, most of the good stuff remains right where it was. Stay where you are, if you enjoy superior returns.

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Eclipse of the JPMorgansons? Paypal’s Digital Wave.

AUGUST 15, 2018. No one hides. Don’t turn your back. P2P is only the edge. That glistening cutter-fin circling the water is mobile. You got a phone? You run a POS? Every “point-of-sale” is fresh game. Ask Paypal. Or just listen right inside management’s Q2 huddle. Dazzling, and yet ringing in our ears.
Making sense of where to invest in the financials is easy. It’s a three-way. Goldman, JPM and the old guard, the cards, or fintech. The financials’ future is written on the wall. So are the numbers, and charts. We lined it up. You decide.

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ABIOMED. A Company With Heart. Want One?

AUGUST 6, 2018. No one out-performs Amazon.
Or do they? ABIOMED is a company with heart. They make them–temporary percutaneous mechanical circulatory support devices. If you’re one of the many people with any of a variety of cardiac issues, this company may just help you heal. That’s whet CEO and President Michael Monogue will tell you.
Abiomed’s blood pumps create blood flow when the heart needs assistance. It’s ABMD’s time as well.
Born in 1997 this Danvers Mass-based company originally sought the artificial heart, a pedigree continuing to provide both direction and inspiration. That tight focus clearly shows in the financial metrics ABMD is now producing. There’s heart here, and it’s early days.

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Felonious Numbers. Money Chops APB.

AUGUST 3, 2018. Retail investors are customers.
We are the business of retail brokers. What do you say upon learning that twin price-performance metrics are routinely displayed for the very same stock and period–on the same page? What do you do when the P/Es from the same system also don’t match? And if they’re off by a factor of 4?
Mismatching metrics can be your reality, and precisely why STOCKjAW created Money Chops. Money Chops shows you how to do the numbers yourself.
Doing your own numbers puts accuracy in your hands–at least as much as possible. Trusting and trading on dodgy data puts you in the hot seat. Trust is no substitute for knowing.
Tracking down precise company-issued EPS and calculating the P/E takes time and ranks as tedious. Same goes for price performance. Yet are you ready to move forward when the most important metrics investors rely on come up in mismatching pairs? You don’t have to. Here’s how.

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