Summer Money 2018. 11 Econ Snaps To Go .

MAY 22, 2018. Summer money’s happy, and hotter. It’s buttery and slippery and cheap. It spends like tax refunds.
Ask any perspiring parent parked in line at Universal Parks and Resorts, Orlando. Who backs out of the Universal Studios ticket window line when surrounded by a hopping gaggle of expectant family members? Heros pay while punks walk. Sufficient heat and you’ll just pay. Cash works, if you can carry enough.
Like we just said, summer money’s unique, and slick in the face of seasonal fun and the heat treatment. But before you go take our 2018 Summer Money Tour. It’s like, well Universal Studios, only econ. It’s for investors–you. With this constellation of metrics you’ll know precisely where you stand all summer long. Thongs please.

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Informed Independent People Are Nobody’s Fool. Join Us. That’s Why We’re Here. They Warned Us Not To Tell.

MAY 14, 2018. Investing is hared work not magic. Unfortunately, the ranks of professional managed money are riddled with nonsense and fees paid for said. Great financial professionals exist. Yet, most are locked into a conflict of interest.
If money “doesn’t really matter,” why does everyone want yours? Trust is not a substitute for knowledge. Besides, if you have to actually pay someone to help you, how much is their assistance truly worth? And in the end, when they’re wrong, who pays? Right. Pay up front and again on the backside.
When things go right or wrong for your money, it’s on you. It’s your money, and your choice, if you allowed someone else to do your driving. That’s why we’re here. The bottom line is, again, it’s your money, and ours. That’s why we run it ourselves. You can too. We’re sharing our every step with you, as we go. Together we can do this. That’s a fact. Join Us.

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Options? Beer And A Blindfold With That Traffic? Bone Up Before Crush Hour.

MAY 11, 2018. Investing is a crazy chair parked in traffic. Traffic’s heavy all round; rates, inflation, sullen shareholders, inscrutable Chinese trade dancing. Nuts. Risk is bouncing about like a mad football. Chasing gains or reducing risk, investors encounter options, like Bomb pops from a truck window. Some buy calls instead of stock. Some buy puts as downside “insurance.” Some sell calls for income.
The options guys are amazing. They make it look and sound like nickles make dollars daily. For five cents you’ll make $1sh. in two weeks, even if the stock vanishes from the index.
Options are complex creatures. Many moves exist and they call them “strategies.” “Collars,” “straddles,” “strangles,” “hedges.” Right. Some are structured in groups.
Here are the basic four “derivatives” we know as “options,” along with some rules. You decide. It’s your call.

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6-Tool Market Master Kit. Get it. Otherwise You’re Just Sitting In The Dark.

MAY 8, 2018. The drama of daily market action flickers like some bizarre art film. Tells spill out of the screen by the second. The crowd gasps. Have you ever wondered what other investors are keying on?
Precisely. Others know something we don’t. Not knowing is rarely good.
That’s why we wiped the slate clean and filled the marquee with fact. Here is your 6 Tool Market Master Kit. With these 6 keys, Market Matinee Triumph is yours. Never wonder again what you’re supposed to be seeing or looking for. Now you know. After that we can focus on why. When the house crackles with fire, and you’re parked in the living room, do you really give a shit why? Time for that when it stops raining fire.

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Our Man in San Juan. Big Sun. Big Debt.

MAY 6, 2018. Cubicals across the contiguous U.S. sport snaps of dreamy Caribbean beaches. Heaven exists. Escape to the islands right? Day dreaming. Yet Puerto Rico is not Heaven, even to those who love it deeply.
A “protectorate” or “territory?” Doesn’t matter. No transformative aide to the island will be forthcoming anytime soon. The FEMA work’s pretty much done, even though life now looks nothing like before. Nor will it soon.
Blaming is never an answer. However, responsibility will be required, if the people want anything like their old lives back.

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3 Stock Winners Now. Flickering Flames of Proven Safety & Growth. Ask Warren.

MAY 5, 2018. Vicious is a word we love in describing our markets. Banks blow out top and bottom lines and shareholders “boo” vociferously. It’s all thumbs-down blood mongering. Still think we’re in a bull market?
We’re looking for a SugarMama. We only love the best. Only secular growers need apply. Remember, defensive is mostly dead. Actual defense stocks are taking hits and giving back, but are well funded for the future.
Dividends alone will not save us from this vortex of geopolitical crazy. We want more. That’s American right?
Boeing owns the commercial airliner market–for at least the next 10 years, or forever. Will that work? Facebook and the Googler own digital ads. FB has an installed user base over 2 billion. How’s that? Oh, the feds? Not really a worry now.
How about the biggest company in history? Right. AAPL has more money than most countries. They measure it, rather then weigh it. And they’re busy shoving oodles of that cash directly into their share repurchase canon. That’s $100 billion dollars, with a “B” repurchase canon. And you can keep the dividend.

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$1+$1=$2 Add 40%–We Insist. Got a Mortgage? Roll In Some Heavy Punch.

APRIL 29, 2018. Admit it. You’re emotional. We are too. Being emotional While messing with money. Hum.
Now the markets are acting twitchy. The President has a hard-on for Amazon.
TWTR’s dropping while FB is about to blast higher–fact. Investors live like heat-stressed metro riders jammed into a hopeless madhouse at 100 summer degrees. Hum.
We all need a win–right now. We need something to point to, proving exactly why we work so hard. A quick clear sweet win is mandatory to keep spirits up in challenging times. Momentum matters. Help is at hand.
STOCKjAW’s delivering the Mo in these near shambolic times. Win now, when 1+1=2.8 for you. It’s value vs. cost. Value wins, when you know where to find it.

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