SHAME-FACED. A Quick And Fugly Exit? How About A Court Order With That?

MARCH 23, 2018. How long will it be before Facebook is finger-printed? “Relax your hands. Remove the hoodie string and empty your pockets. Hold the number under your chin and wait for Snap–I mean the snap.”
Everyone knew this day would come; Facebook all grown up, driving, dating, leaking, stone-wallling, and rubber-necking senators busy talking to CNN. The senator from Minnesota is talking, talking sub-committee hearings, and ungodly privacy sins.
Wolf’s lashing questions back out like pulsar X-Rays. FB accounts have been deactivated. Will you stay on?
Investors are being forced to choose. In or out? What are you going to do? We’ve got options, for you, either way. We’ll also tell Ya what we’re doing.

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Where Subarus Come From

MARCH 9, 2018. It comes around each year like a spanking machine. Although it’s different this time, it can get even better. Here’s how.
Anyone planning on breathing tomorrow needs a funding source to go along with that plan. Forget your company, after you collect everything you can there. Here’s your move if you’re not there already. We conduct absolutely every equity move from the cozy comfort of our iron tax haven. You can too, now and later.

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High-Fives For The One Number That Creates Winners. How To Get It Right.

MARCH 8, 2018. Investing is a process. Are all steps of the process equal? What step may matter most in creating our winners? Think you can trust the numbers you see commonly displayed? You can’t. Five minutes and you can prove it to yourself.
We inhabit a world capable of returning solid rocket boosters back to Earth in pin-point landings, in unison. But we can’t guarantee accuracy in common financial data feeds. O.K. Adults in the room–mistakes are part of the game. Perfection is a myth and notions of perfection pernicious. You can’t take stock data at face value. Compare, and do the math. Know your #s, and know they’re right. Here’s perhaps the most important number in your kit. But you have to find it yourself, if you want a winner.

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Radio Waves Never Die And Tech Never Sleeps.

MARCH 6, 2018. Absolutely everything changes and never stops. Both the equities market and our leading technologies turn themselves over almost daily. So what?
Radio waves never die. Nor does tech scramble. Do you know what’s next? Few do. Will your dead landline snake back to sparking life soon? AT&T isn’t sure, yet interested. Let’s look at EM.
During this prolonged market turn, dividends are a tough play. Many payers exist but none truly appear to be gimmies. That was before tax cuts. Got a dividend payer you can trust? Want one? We may have one.

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STOCkJAW Salute To Readers. You Make It Real.

MARCH 4, 2018. Question any individual investor about the decision making process. Many may very well tell you–it’s a lonely business, particularly when the sky falls. We understand. At Stockjaw our purpose is two-fold. Executing the rigor of good investing, and connecting with you. Together we are infinitely stronger than separately. We salute you and your rigor. We’re busy thanking many of you specifically. Congrats and thank you for thrilling us with your Likes, follows, and readership. Prepare for everything good. A new day is at hand.

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