Bond Funds. Slippery When Questioned.

JANUARY 16, 2019. Buying bonds by the bag nay be simple, quick, and smart. However, doing so may require a touch of learning. Bonds can be the most secure investment on the rack. However bond funds add a layer of fees, and complexity–to an already confusing vehicle. We have the basics, in ultra-fast simple terms–and a Pair to Compare.
Look inside first. A blind bond bag can prove as much fun as gastrointestinal surgery. Who knows what bond ETF mangers have tossed in while you were supposedly sleep-buying? And the expense ratio and yield and share price fluctuation? All count. Gas us if you want, but we’re still awake. Adding up too.
Why worry? “Bombs–oops, bonds, are the safest.” Does that include Italian junk?
Advisers will tell you that holding bonds is “wise,” a “must.” It’s called diversification. The older you get the more you need. Well yeah, if your nest egg’s the size of an airport.
Ours isn’t. When bond buying go with the local. You wanna be awake for this one.

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Amazon? Again? Now? Bird Talk.

JANUARY, 12, 2019. When equity markets are pulverized even the best and towering are blistered, like now. Money “rotates” from once craved growth to stunningly bland creepers called “defensive,” like now. When airborne macros are ingested by our economic turbines our equity markets are chopped like pigeon bits. That’s when the “lame” go fame. Food and utility names suddenly strut and glitter all over, while the red carpet is harshly jerked out from under real-deal growth. “Amazon” you say? Right, and Boeing too.
Investors behave much like app-driven hook-ups. Spangles blind and then the charm dims to a twenty-watt bulb. Maybe someone orders a pizza. “Bang” it’s all smoke and mess.
Many “investors” possess the stock staying power of a stadium wave. “Oops–gotta go.” No kiss. No middle finger. Nothing but ass-and-elbows.
Last year AMZN hit 2050.50. Now it’s 1640.56. That’s $410.06 cheaper. Do you think AMZN will ever read on fundamentals again–before it takes over the world? If so, now’s your time. Better hurry. Even fair-weather fans are beginning to notice. STOCKjAW gets technical, and fundamental.

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Money Talk. Tone Matters.

JANUARY 10, 2019. Some say market downturns dissuade. Casual investors stack statements to one side. They pile up just like the losses they report. Not us. Quite the opposite actually. We love it.
Investing’s difficult, until you accept that investing’s difficult. At that point, if you’re still paying attention, it’s fun. Losses still suck, but in an entirely different way. Once fully committed, losing only ups your game. Maybe Alabama will go that way. Or not. Have you. Never avert your eyes. Full agency is the way.

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Toxically Crispy Is Not Value. What Is?

JANUARY 9, 2019. Radiation doesn’t really glow in the dark. But real value does. Beat the weeds if you will. But the good stuff lives in the light.
We live in macro times. The equity train has been hijacked by politics and global economics. Nothing new here. In the midst of this macro beat-down even the best and brightest have been beaten bloody. Now’s your chance–and ours also. It’s bargain-hunting time–really. But what’s a bargain look like now?
“Value” does not roll off an assembly line with an orange sticker. Value is created, and bargains don’t flow in only one direction. The buyer’s forced to give something up too. But what? Weak fundamentals, technicals, or the stark fear of the unknowable? Pick your poison, because you don’t get out the door carrying value, without also taking a does of something ugly. STOCKjAW points at which ugly to pick.

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No Speed Limit To Stupid. Chopsticks Please.

JANUARY 8, 2019. Wanna go for a joy ride? Snap on CNBC. A lot of fast air exists there. Some say Becky Quick can get Warren Buffet to talk truth. Becky is a stone professional fully capable of getting most any man to say nearly anything. On the other hand Joe Kernen just says, anything.
But really, the parade of financial advisors tromping through are the unreal deal. CNBC’S Chief Market analyst Bob Pisani is terrific. The man adroitly sums up market action in mere moments. Some say Americans are both lazy and violent–thus the drive-by. And that troop of “guests?” Is that some sort of lazy drive-by “advising?”
Kernen’s ceaseless shuck-and-jive in the morning gives way every afternoon to those investing advisor cartoons. Even when water-boarded they spit forth the same spam. What’da ya expect for free?
Bring chopsticks if you intend to consume.

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America The Targeted. Globalism And The Scat Behind That.

JANUARY 1, 2019. The taller, the more visible. Oh, and you’re a superpower? When compared to you, yeah. Winning wins and haters hate–and criticize. working always works better than complaining or criticizing. Yet–there it is daily. That’s not new. Bu the relentless push for the “greater good” in the form of borders without any barriers trundles on.
The ugly responses to affluence march on as well. Many love the Unite States while others the opposite. But then–so what? Argue either side all you want, yet success invariably churns up a frothy wake of haters. There will never be a shortage of people prepared to tell you exactly how to behave. But that’s never a mark of culpability. Rather, it’s more often a sign of winning. So hate on haters. Make no mistake abut global business.
Economics is war. Winning wins and losing sucks. Bring on the bullhorns. That’s often the only “contribution” some can offer. That’s not America’s fault, nor our problem.

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Globalism. That Gooy Goodness.

DECEMBER 31, 2018. On the cusp of a sparkling new year, who can deny it? China is thrilling, and amazing. As Anthony Bourdain noted, it’s far too large, diverse, and old, to know. Nonetheless the world clamors and struggle’s to be let in. Even Alphabet has switched course. From without, China is yet more a paradox than not. And on it goes.
Globalism daily corrals more of our thinking. Advocates prattle about that big pie of unity. The so-called synergies of an efficiently interconnected world system are said to be worth it, and nations without barriers the path. Can we have a “nation’ without barriers? Having cake and eating too.
History is not a blank state–oops, slate. History indeed is routinely “written by the victor.” Yet not all history is bunk. Thanks Aldous Huxley for the joke. What in fact does history tell us about China’s ability to become a trusted and open free-trader? Is their true goal simply economic? U.S. history has never been simply that. STOCKjAW takes a closer look.

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