Here It Comes Again.

FEBRUARY 12, 2018. Europe’s great this morning. Both Shanghai indexes are up. These are always good signs for a U.S. open. But really, who knows which nervous system traders and investors will bring with them this morning? We’re calm. Why sweat? Markets are sort of like volcanoes. Clues exist, but don’t trust ’em too much.

Today STOCKjAW’s keeping our head. We’re checking fundamentals for TTWO and T. We’re also looking for sales.

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Come Fly With Us.

FEBRUARY 11, 2018. They’re back. Just in time for ax season. The EquiClowns refuse to fully vanish from the footlights of financial farce. But you knew this was coming, as did we. #s are revised. And fraud #s are as a rule revised upward.

No. It’s not magnitude here, not this time. The fun facts hare involve what we now know they lost. What else could they lose? Done your taxes?

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Investor Stress Test. Having Fun Yet?

FEBRUARY 10, 2018. Remember the long-out money that finally came creeping back late last year? Trial by fire, flame-thrower really. New money floated in swarms to market homes, following endless empty years in the wilderness. Our market promptly exploded. One lever-jerk release of pent-up fury. All bore witness. Retail investors wanted some. What about now? Does “horror” capture the welcome received by returners? What now? Are you just in? Thinking about leaving?

This week ripped a gap in most portfolios. We sunk 6.4%. We trimmed , and cut, prior to the crash. We’ve only bought since then. What’d we sell in the run-up? What’s worth buying now? Making faces at the market.

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Fury and Fear. This Is Why We Get Paid. Hunt For Quality. Yes. It’s A Bet. It’s A Sale Too, To Those Who Stay. Minting Monsters.

FEBRUARY 9, 2018. 4:38AM. We’re in. That’s it. After the lights change is not the time to second guess your long-held beliefs. That applies to both drag racing and equity investing. Nitos nice. It’s also explosive–that’s exactly why they use it. Markets move, and that’s precisely why we invest. Movements of algo-driven rage are not however the sort of movement anyone wants.

Ever wonder why dragsters are so long? For those who haven’t, it’s to keep the front wheels on the track when the driver punches it. The front wheels of this market left the track on Friday. Regardless of the non-systemic reasons, think long-term bargains, and just maybe months from now you’ll be smiling big just like us.

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The Crash Engineers. $91-$7/d. Crash FAQ. Why We Just Got Screwed, Again.

FEBRUARY 7, 2018. Did you hear the rest of the FAQ? Yet another fabulous financial product turns to dust before our very eyes. More importantly, that creepy explosive “product,” the XIV, was why we all lost money, again. Really? Remember the rotten CDO, collateralize Debt Obligations? Same guys, again. Guess what? Regulators don’t seem to mind. It’s not their money vanishing down the pool drain. This is a job for Denzel. Remember the one where he’s working at Home Depot? Yeah–like that.

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Nobody Calls This. Nobody Knows.

February 6, 2018. 4:34 AM. On Monday U.S. markets featured fear, algorithm maddness, and the largest intraday drop in history. This after tens of billions of long-idle cash crashed back into the market over the past 7 weeks. Retail investors jumped back in with abandon, just in time to catch a drop they normally hand out market-sickness bags for–just like on airplanes. While clutching our sick-bag yesterday, we bought price-slashed T. A trailing P/E of 8, with a 5.4% dividend. Guess what? Bet that play works. And on deck today?

M o r e selling pressure.
Guess what hordes of those just-back-in investors will do today? We will not be among them. Nor should you. We’re not here to kill our bull. We’ve smelled metallic before.

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Knowing What You Own Is Hard Enough. Snug Your Focus. 5 Market Topics You Can Skip, Responsibly. Mostly.

February 5, 2018. Snap on CNBC and listen. How much of this is necessary for you? Right. It may be interesting, but not close to the bone. hum.

Now look at the market itself. Nobody knows all that. That’s why people specialize. Now it’s your turn. Got all day? Not enough if you try to learn it all. You’ve got a system now. We’re Up-Grading our existing process by identifying dead weight. Find your facts in a focused way. Streamline your research by tuning out noise. Our 5 entire market components you can simply skip, responsibly. Mostly. When you know what you don’t need to know it gets quieter.

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